Tuesday, July 12, 2011

to follow in obedience

the past has proven that when we follow in obedience to God's calling, Satan opens the gates of hell in attempts to thwart God's plan. sadly i admit that sometimes satan's plans work. i get scared. i run for the high hills. i've missed several opportunities because i believed the lies of satan more than the truth of my Everlasting God. this summer has been no different. our family has felt God moving us into a new direction for several months now and we believe we are on the cuff of a different season. not saying an easier or better season but just a different season. even the boys are anticipating what God has for us next. daily we are asking the Lord to show us his plans for our family. and daily satan comes back with his answer. in the past week alone our oldest has had immediate hip surgery, we accidentally started a fire in our oven and had to clean and wash most everything in our house due to the fire extinguisher residue, and today little k fell on his head. brian is taking him to the hospital at this exact moment in hopes that it is nothing serious. we would greatly appreciate your prayers.

our family has come to anticipate that satan will try to get our eyes off God and His plan for our family. the word warns us that satan's goal is to steal, kill and destroy. why would we expect anything different? why would we not start each day ready for battle in anticipation of the enemies attacks? some days i act like it's such a surprise to be knocked down. i wonder where God is because i can't seem to stand on my own. but did you catch the end of that the "stand on my own"? that's exactly what God doesn't want. he wants us to stand on HIS strength alone. it is only when we are stripped of our own strength that we can fully rely on his. again, my life statement right now is that i'd trade in a life of comfort and ease any day to live a live clung to the arms of my Savior!

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April Poynter said...

I read this and it makes my eyes swell with tears. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have recently walked through this myself. It's a daily battle but reading your blog is so fresh to me because of my recent HUGE blowout with the enemy. Something so sweet is happening between the body of believers. Although Satan is handing out similar attacks on all of us - we are OVERCOMERS. "my life statement right now is that i'd trade in a life of comfort and ease any day to live a life clung to the arms of my Savior!" - This is my stake in the ground. I say it with tears streaming from the inside of my soul because I know HE is bigger and better and more secure than anything or anyone else. I have seen the miracles of the Lord and I treasure them. It's gonna be worth it all!