Wednesday, July 6, 2011

15 min of fame

back in may i was looking around on the internet to see if there was any way we could get help on expediting our process of moving into a bigger house. just for fun i filled out a few applications for some HGTV and TLC shows. i had no expectations but was having fun. well the next day we got a call from the HGTV show "My First Place" saying they loved our application and would like us to move to the next round of interviews to be on the show. are you kidding me? a chance to share our story! all six of us were excited about sharing who God has created our family to be. a local videographer came out to our house his large camera, big lights, and boom mike for a family interview. that tape was sent to HGTV headquarters in colorado were they pitched our story of a family growing through adoption that is busting at the seems in their current house. i guess everyone loved our story because they asked us if they could share our story.

for the past 6 weeks of so we have done several different film shoots as they document our house buying process. we have seen dozens of houses, and spend countless hours taking retakes and trying not to look at the camera. it's been pretty crazy to have a crew of about 5 people follow you around while you're looking at a possible house. or have a producer feed you lines that seem super cheesy but great for television. our favorite is the fact that we have to be overly excited about things and for those of you who know brian and i know that we don't get super excited about anything so some days are pretty funny. even the boys have had their time on camera and think it's pretty awesome.

what has been most amazing is not the fact that we could be on tv but the people we've been able to share our story with and boast about our God. everyone that we've met from the crew to our contacts in colorado at HGTV headquarters has inquired how in the world we're doing what we are doing. it gives us an opportunity to share that it has nothing to do with us but completely all about how big God is. when we first asked the boys if this show was something they wanted to do they all agreed that God has a plan for our family that is bigger than ourselves and if we get a chance to share it we are going to take it until he closes the door. we don't really get anything out of doing this show for ourselves but giving all glory to God with whom all things are possible.

we have no idea when our show will air. should be airing sometime between september and may on HGTV. will let you know if we get more details. still praying for God to open all the right doors and close all the wrong ones.


Chrissy said...

I can't wait to see it and I am so blessed I got to be in Bible study with you and learn about your heart, your story, and now- to watch it continue to unfold.. just COOL!

erin said...

That is so awesome, Audra! What a platform to share the gospel!

gio said...


coffee girl said...

that is really awesome! keep telling your story as it unfolds, and DEFINITELY let us know as soon as you find out an air date!

Praying for your home-search. we're about to embark on one, it will be easy to remember to lift you up :)

love you! becca