Monday, July 4, 2011


this post has been stirring in my head for weeks now but the past 2 weeks have been like a whirlwind around our house. we spent a week on vacation up in the mountains and several other unexpected and crazy things happened.

for the past year we have desperately asked God to move in our family. we've sent up some pretty huge requests. for a long time i was in this place feeling like God either just wasn't listening or just didn't want to help us. some situations seemed like life and death at the time. over the past several months God has opened my eyes to see the way he is moving. the life that my family is living is not always pretty, usually it's chaotic, in desperate need for God to get us through the day, an in need of being rescued from the pit of despair multiples times a day. but think about it, wouldn't that be the way that God intended for our lives to be? desperately clinging to him every moment of the day? i mean seriously, i would trade in a life of comfort and security any day to have a life leaving me in need of a Savior. i know if my life were easy i would think i could do it all on my own (which of course i can't) and i wouldn't feel the need to call on Jesus. i've grown more in love with God every day over the past few years as we have been faced with challenge after challenge. i can't help but dig into his word to find answers and know more about this God who i have dangerously surrendered my life to. i'm not perfect and i have so much to learn. brian played me an amazing song the other day by laura story called "blessings". please listen to it and let it soak into your heart. i don't want to look for the earthly rewards but the rewards that are for eternity!

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