Tuesday, June 21, 2011

in need of direction || urgent plea for prayer

for a few months now we have been believing that God was moving us into a new season. we believe God has been opening the doors for us to move into a community and be a part of something more than just the 6 of us. we have been looking at houses for months now. we've found several that we like (2 that we have decided on). it hasn't been easy. there aren't a lot of houses in the area we are looking, the space that we need, and the price that we can afford. we are busting at the seems in our current house. to the point that we are literally on top of each other all the time. it adds to the tension and frustration that is constantly brewing in the house. the summer makes the house even smaller cause 5 of us our home most of the time. we are 30 minutes from anything so going out anywhere is a huge ordeal and has to be an "out for the day" trip. it's exhausting. now, don't hear me say i need an easier life. we aren't looking for ease at all, but we do want to provide better for our boys and i am believing God wants them in a community.

the reason we haven't bought a house yet is because we are still waiting for our tax refund. we filed in the middle of february and we are still waiting. we've been under review since the end of april. our latest letter from the IRS said we will here from them again around july 13. well this is cutting things quite close. we need to move before school starts for 2 reasons. the first is that the boys don't need to move after school starts. they've always moved during school and it makes things even more difficult for them. second, brian will start student teaching come august 10 and we will no longer qualify for our loan if he takes a leave from his job. it will be impossible for him to student teach and work. with our 4 boys he has to be home to help.

we need to have the money in our account to put an offer on a house and once we make an offer we have to close before school starts. God might have a completely different plan but until he tells me otherwise i'm praying that this will all work out before school starts. the boys have been talking about this for months and i will be devastated to see them disappointed. we need to move somewhere that we can start as a family. they have done everything we have asked of them in order for us to move. please pray with us that God will work a miracle. thanks you.

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Mama Brown said...

Praying with you guys for God's guidance and protection!