Sunday, June 5, 2011

back to basics

it's been so long since i've seen you and it feels so good to be back. i've missed my blogging community and having an outlet to share my heart. the site has been under construction for some time but thanks to my amazing brother, ross, the site is starting to look good again. i know there is so much to catch you up on but i'm just going to share what's going on right now. the heart posts will come later.

at my house summer is in full bloom. the boys have been home almost 2 weeks and we filling up every minute. i learned alot from last summer and this summer is already (thankfully) very different. last summer was my first as mother and i had no idea that i needed to plan ahead. well this year i am fully prepared. we have our master calendar on the wall filled with vacations, birthdays, camps, VBS, movie's in the park, pool days, library days and so forth. i get excited every time i look at it.  it's colorful :) we also created our "summer 2011 bucket list" filled with 100 things we want to accomplish before the summer is over.

brian is working hard to finish up school. he is in the middle of his last class which ends around the end of june. it's been a long season of him being gone on weekends for class but the end is in sight. i am so very proud of him. he is going to be an amazing teacher. he will student teach in the fall and we are praying a job will open up in the spring for him to teach full-time. please be in prayer about that. i think brian's heart is about to bust because he is so close to being in the classroom. he has already started thinking of science project and such to teach on. pretty exciting stuff.

another big adventure in our house is the process of house hunting. we are actively searching for the right community and house God has for us. we have been looking for months and have found a few we love. currently, we are waiting on our tax refund to complete our down payment so we can make an offer. the waiting is driving me nuts. i'm walking in faith that God will open the doors for us to move before school starts. that window gets smaller every day but God can change any situation.

the boys are getting bigger every day. hard to believe i have 2 middle schoolers and a 4th grader. i feel old (even thought i'm not at all old enough to have kids that age). they continue to grow into awesome young men. it's amazing to look back over the past 15 months and see how far we have come. i'm so thankful! being together 24/7 is the best way to see progress (or not). God is so good and his plans for us never cease to amaze me.

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