Friday, March 11, 2011

i'm beliving God!

please forgive me for my long absence. the past 6 weeks have been some much needed time to focus on my family. we are coming up right on a year since the boys have been home and honestly day 360 is just as hard as day 1 or 2 or 15 or 70. i so thought we would be so much farther along than we are and that our boys would be more attached. but the reality is that we aren't. there have been tons of improvements but we still have so far to go. a few weeks ago i heard God whisper to me that a new season was on the horizon for me, my family, my marriage, and just life in general. it was enough of a word that i got and still am so very excited. at the same time i feel like satan screams at me every day "i'm going to make that season so difficult for you to get to that you are going to want to quit!" each day that new season seems so far away but i am leaning on the everlasting love and promise of my Lord and Savior that i will put neosporin on every battle wound, take every hit, and shut down every lie that is tossed my way.

in reading through the old testament in the message bible with k we are on the story of moses. and it is so interesting to me that so many of the stories in the old testament things got worse before they got better. God promised abraham that he would have a son then abraham waited what seemed like forever, endured one of the hardest famines, and who knows what else. God gave joseph a dream prophesying his future then he was sold into slavery, put in jail, and also endured a famine. moses was asked by God to lead the israelites out of egypt then the israelites were treated even worse, beaten, and cast down. BUT THEN GOD!!!! i love that God is always right on time. nothing happens without his ok. he didn't leaven then come back. he was supervising the entire time. i hold onto this truth every moment of the day. i know the things God has promised me and sometimes they seem so far away that i can't even imagine that they are possibly. thank goodness my faith doesn't rest in my mountains but the one who created the mountains. i'm believing God!

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-A. said...

Great insight into the OT and seeing God's ways, Audra. Great encouragement for me to keep persevering, too. I appreciate it. :)