Sunday, January 2, 2011

surrendering to the will of God in 2011

when i look back over the year 2010 it's hard to comprehend all that happened and the road Goad asked us to walk down. there were times when i never thought we would make it through. but we made it through with more joy in our step and more faith in our hearts. i'm beyond excited to start a new year as a full family of 6. who knows what road we walk this year or what God will ask us to do. we have hopes and dreams of what it might hold but ultimately we are surrendering to the will of God. we know we can walk through the impossible with the grace of our God. we want to surrender to the Lord more radically than we ever have before. we aren't exactly sure what that means but we want to say a huge "YES" to whatever God has in store for us. he continues to provide for every need no matter how small or how big. i would never want it any other way.

do you have plans for 2011? what is God asking you to step out in faith in? whatever you think you can't do, i promise you that with God by your side you can. i never thought i could be a mom to 4 boys instantly, but God gave me strength and i do it every day. you might think you can't afford to do what God is asking you to do. well we are raising a family of 6 on a part time income. our God is that good and that big! nothing is impossible with him. YOU CAN DO IT! whatever it is that he is asking you to do. JUST DO IT! maybe he asking you to foster some kids? maybe he might be calling you to adopt internationally? could he possibly be calling you to sell everything and go serve him in a foreign country? what about giving sacrificially? talk to that person that God has laid on your heart? it can be a thousand different things. but surrender! it's a new year. our life is short. you can live life radically when you think that our time on this earth is only a blink of an eye compared to eternity!

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