Friday, January 7, 2011

running it through

the new year has brought with it both excitement and challenges. we are beyond thrilled to what this new year will bring but thus far it is starting out extremely stressful. the boys have a new principal at school meaning their schedules have changed a little. now, i know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but believe me to our boys it is a big deal. our boys survive off of routine and predictability. to change their school schedules in the middle of the year was not a good idea. it has made our mornings extremely frustrating and stressful. we are just praying through it and knowing God will bring us out the other side. please pray for us. the boys have little patience with each other and with brian and i. they have the attitude that they can do what they want when they want. it is extremely frustrating and i am needing patience to reign down on me so i can pour it out onto my family.

on the other hand brian and i have committed to running a half marathon at the end of april. we have started training and it is kicking our butts. you can follow my running at my blog runbaileysrun.  we are running with team called powered by hope to raise money for an amazing school that we pray the boys can get a scholarship to and go to one day. we fully believe God is doing incredible things at the school. please also pray and consider supporting our goal of $2000 to be raised before the marathon. you can check out our fundraising page here: i never thought i would enjoy running but i am loving it. i love the time alone. i love pushing myself and building confidence. plus, it is another area of my life that i need to rely fully on the strength of God to get me through. some days it is hard to have any energy to run with 4 boys to raise. but i believe this is another impossible journey God has called us to and he will lead the way.

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