Friday, December 31, 2010

a year in review

here are some highlights of our 2010.

increased our family by 200%
brian started back to school for his masters in education
audra was a first time stay-at-home mom
our city had a historical flood
enjoyed a water park
learned to swim
our 3 oldest boys ask Jesus in their heart
brian baptized our 3 oldest boys
kaleb was told he no longer needed any speech or occupational therapy
we went to the tobymac concert
boys experienced their first professional baseball game watching the Braves
Israel played a few weeks of football
Israel had a screw placed into his hip
Josiah played basketball
Josiah started as point guard in one of his games
Zeke has learned to read
boys spent their first extended time in a swimming pool and almost have the swimming down
audra and brian registered to run a half marathon in the spring
brian and audra had their first speaking engagement to share their adoption story
israel, josiah, zeke, and kaleb became officially a part of our family
the boys all spent a week with grandparents over the summer
we all experienced our first white christmas
we all fell in love with each other
God guided our every step

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