Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas has come and gone

if you were to walk into our house right now you would never know the craziness and excitement that resided here only 4 days ago. the tree has been removed, decorations put away, toy tucked into their new homes, and there is no longer the smell of pine in the air. but oh, what a blast we had. this has been an amazing holiday season.

this christmas season was full of so many firsts not only for us as parents but the boys too. we all experienced our first white christmas. grandparents took us all to see an ice show and get to see a beautiful hotel. the boys got to watch the dancing fountain. josiah came to me in the middle and said "this is the best part of my life so far today!" it was awesome to watch them experience these new thrills. the boys spent an entire afternoon scouring the house to find presents they could wrap up for each other and extended family. we made almost every present we gave to family. we made cookies, homemade decorations, christmas letters, and brian and i were able to share with the boys what the true meaning of christmas was. it was crazy that they didn't even know songs like "silent night", "the first noel" or "away in a manger" (which is now k's favorite song). it was beautiful, perfectly imperfect, and my heart will be full of memories from our first christmas together.

our house is now filled to the brim with basketballs, kitchen pieces, hot wheels, legos, books, and pictures. as a first time parent at christmas it is fun for me to have all these toys in my house. k and i could play with his new kitchen for hours. and the boys have already spent the past several days glued to the new basketball goal in the driveway. i'm already anticipating next christmas and doing it all over again. here's a late merry christmas to you!

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