Monday, January 17, 2011

martin luther king jr day

for years today has just been another holiday that i got off work. i have always appreciated what dr. king did for so many in our country and how he gave life to a dream. but this year today has a new meaning. without dr. king my family wouldn't be.

there is a book called "my borther martin" that i read with the boys all the time. it's written by dr. king's sister about their childhood together. it is a very special story to us. dr. king was just an ordinary boy with extraordinary dreams. he made himself available for God to use to make a difference. because dr. king believed that God could use him my kids can be my kids and they can have any dream they want.

it's hard to imagine that in the not so distant past our world was so different. my boys don't understand all the difference that have occurred over the years to provide them with equality. they do not see any boundaries to their future. they don't think our family is is strange because we are made up different races. they don't look at someone and only see the colour of their skin. i'm so very grateful to dr. king for allowing God to use him and not giving up. dr. king didn't get to see his dream come to fruition but because he had the dream it was able to happen. i pray every day that my boys will have dreams and walk towards them. i will encourage them every day to believe in themselves and that anything is possible. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

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