Monday, January 24, 2011


one of my favorite pastimes is dancing with my boys. most specifically with kaleb. we probably dance at least 30 min every day. we will put on a pandora station and just rock with it. it might be some rockin' grits or tobymac. other times it's "the smooth kind" as kaleb likes to call it, with a little michael buble or john mayer. every now and then he will request a little "boom boom clap" which means some disney teeny bopper that my other kids enjoy. but nonetheless we have a blast dancing. kaleb is a great partner. he will say "mom, may i have this dance" then proceed to slow dance. his favorite is dancing cheek to cheek. we saw it in an old movie and he thought it was awesome. he love to twirl me but likes it when i dip him. he's hilarious. zeke loves to cut in and would dance with me as long as i'll let him. josiah and israel are at that age where they are too "cool" to dance with mom. but they all enjoy it when we start our air band and rock out to skillet or grits. it puts a smile on my face to see my boys enjoy music as much as me. of course brian joins in every chance he gets. oh, and lately our new favorite has been the stevie wonder pandora station. love the variety of some old school like the temptations with a little bit of the new. the boys totally dig just about any kind of music.

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