Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day 273 - introducing...

39 weeks and 5 days ago we brought 4 fantastic boys into our home to begin the process of fostering them to adopt them. it has been a laboring process. in God's perfect timing, almost 9 months later, and exactly one year since we were first even introduced to the idea of our fantastic 4, it is finished! the boys are officially our boys. their birth certificates have mine and brian's names as the legal parents. we have full guardianship and this couldn't be more timely. what an amazing christmas gift from our Savior. for the past 9 months we have been extremely discrete with information we share about the boys, especially pictures. well now, without further delay i would like to introduce you to our fantastic 4!

israel - means "God contended" because just as jacob in the bible wrestled with God, our israel has wrestled with life and has begged God for peace. God blessed Jacob with not only a new name but a promise to always protect his people and call them his own. we gave israel this name so every time he heard it or read about it he would know the promises God has for him. God will make him into a mighty nation and will use him to lead.

josiah - means "healed by God" because our josiah has needed more healing than we could ever know. in the bible josiah was a young king. he ruled the way he thought best until he was read the bible then saw the errors of his way and encouraged his kingdom to repent and begin to follow God. we believe this and declare this over our josiah every day. we know God will use him even from a young age. God will speak boldly to him and use him to change a nation for the good.

ezekiel - means "God strengthens" because our zeke relies on the strength of our God daily to trust and love the way he does. ezekiel in the bible was a prophet that God made extremely stubborn. God sent ezekiel to an even more stubborn nation that were set in their bad ways. but because ezekiel was so stubborn and passionate about the Lord he opened their eyes and the nation repented. our zeke is extremely stubborn and we believe God will use his passion to lead others to Christ no matter what it takes. he will go the distance.

kaleb - means "bold" because our kaleb is already more than anyone ever thought he would be. in the bible, caleb was one of the 12 spies who was sent to go check out the promise land. he was 1 of 2 spies who trusted God and believed they should take the land. he trusted God no matter the circumstances. this is a promise God has given us for our kaleb. kaleb will be bold in his faith and will search for his own mountains to overcome with the strength of God. he will not allow circumstances to hinder or excuse but trust in God for all strength.

and here are a few more pics of our past 9 months!


-A. said...

How very very cool to finally "meet" your boys!!! Congratulations on the official-ness of it all! So exciting!

Audie said...

I am so happy for you and your new family! I have been reading your blog, as well as your mom's, from time to time keeping up with your adoption journey. What a beautiful picture of God's great love, compassion, and provision for us as He adopts us into HIS family! May the Lord bless you and your husband as you obediently follow our great Master. May He prepare you to be all that your children need as you depend on Him to give you wisdom beyond your years and experience to rear them in the truth of HIS word! Merry Christmas!
Audra Van Dyke Woods:)

Megan M. said...

Wow, Audra! This is so exciting!! Congrats! God is SO VERY GOOD! All your boys are completely adorable.