Monday, December 6, 2010

day 265 - the holidays

oh, the holidays are here again. it's been crazy around my house. a both good and bad crazy. however, it's been fun starting some family traditions. we found an awesome tree farm where we were able to cut down our own christmas tree. it was a first for everyone and this is the first christmas the boys have had a live tree. it still surprises me sometimes when they mention stuff they've never done before. the other day we were riding in the van and i was singing "away in a manger" and they had never heard that song before. the same with "the first noel", "silent night", and "hark the herald angel sings". so we have a lot of catching up to do. but we are making memories like crazy. trying to capture everything with pictures but it is hard to keep up.

last night we decorated our tree with the ornaments. we had the tree up for a week before we were able to decorate it because we were never all home at the same time at a decent hour. i thought i would get so particular about putting up the ornaments but the boys did awesome. even little k had a blast finding the perfect spot for his ornaments. one thing i really want to do for next year is find them a "baby's first christmas" ornament from the year they were born. one of those awesome old school hallmark ones. i think i found a site that has all the past years. they are just too expensive for me to buy all at once this year. but i think that is something that will be really special for them to have for years to come. i always enjoyed putting up "my" ornament every year as a child.

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