Saturday, December 4, 2010

day 263 - tobymac

a few days ago we had the amazing opportunity to take the 3 older boys to their very first concert. good ole tobymac, skillet, and shonlock were the performers. over the past 9 months since the boys have become a part of our family they have come to LOVE tobymac. they know every song and jam out in the car like you wouldn't believe. the entire concert thing happened very last minute and we kept it a surprise from the boys until we were in the arena. oh my gosh! they were jumping out of their skin when we handed them their tickets. and the coolest part was a friend got us a meet-in-greet with toby. we got to take our picture with him and he signed all the boy's tickets. the boys were totally awestruck. it was awesome.

when we first started talking about possibly going to the concert i was really nervous. i don't like taking my kids to walmart let alone a crazy concert were it would be loud and crowded. i was even more nervous when i found out we were down in from in the pit. which is standing room only. but God totally took care of everything. the boys were incredible. the night couldn't have gone better. it was the most amazing family experience. the boys could touch the catwalk and would go crazy when the singers walked and stopped right in front of them. the joy on their faces was priceless. we stood for over 4 hours and they never complained. i thought they would wander all over the place but they were totally focused on the stage. they jammed out. danced. sang. and enjoyed every moment. i think they were a little concerned about how much i jammed out though. while i was at the concert i just kept thinking "i'm so excited to be such a young mom who doesn't yet look so ridiculous jumping up and down and jammin' out" but i'm sure my kids would say otherwise. i totally think we might have to do this again next year. i'll try to plan a little further in advance thought.

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