Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 years ago today...

the morning started early. i was so excited that by the end of the day i would be the wife to the man i so deeply love. i don't remember eating breakfast but around 10am brian and i met to set up the video cameras and have some good prayer time together. in the mean time all of our family was decorating. we got married in a small church on a friday night in the middle of no where. it was perfect. we didn't do much to decorate. we had white poinsettias all along the back of the stage. the church already had red carpet everywhere and they were all decorated for christmas.

i remember starting to get ready after lunch. i had my hair done and then spent some time with my maid of honors getting ready. we had pictures at 3pm. we didn't have the greatest photographer. that is the one thing i would have done differently. but we had a blast taking all these goofy pictures. now, we did it the old fashion way and brian and i did not take our pictures together until after the ceremony. after we finished taking pictures we still had over an hour till show time. being the bride, i got free run of the church while brian had to stay up in his little room. i visited with several friends that came from out of town while i waited.

the next thing i know it was 7pm. time to get the party started. i was so excited i couldn't sit still. oh, and let me add that this was the coldest night of the year and i was a barefoot bride. i had to run around outside to get to the front of the church. it was very cold. but when everything got started all i could think about was brian. i "patiently" waited as the jim brickman christmas music played while everyone walked down the aisle. then the doors closed...the bagpipes started and amazing grace rang throughout the chapel. i thought my smile would jump off my face i could barely stand it. my dad and i walked down the aisle and there brian stood as dashing as every. i thought i would cry but i was overjoyed. i couldn't get to my groom fast enough. as excited as i was to have a wedding i was more excited to spend the rest of my life with the man that had captured my heart. i don't remember anything that anyone said. i know my brother, sister, and mom sang and our dear friend married us. but i was so focused on brian that he was all i could think about. i remember saying "i do" and when jason said "you may kiss the bride!". i didn't want to let him go. we were husband and wife. bound together forever and ever.

brian, i am thankful for the man God made you to be. i love you inside and out. i love that God had a plan long before we were born that would bring us together. i'm thankful to your obedience to God to spend the rest of your life with me. every day with you is an adventure. i was overjoyed to be your wife 5 years ago and i am even more overjoyed to be your wife today. i love you!

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