Thursday, October 28, 2010

day 226 - feelings vocabulary

our boys (and sometimes myself) like to use the same feeling words over and over again. so if you ask one of us what we are feeling we'll probably tell you sad, mad, happy, or good. it has become important to our family to expound on our feelings vocabulary. our boys didn't come knowing a lot of feeling words and it is up to us to teach them. by teaching them a larger vocabulary for the way they feel they might be able to understand what they are truly feeling instead of always being mad, sad, happy or just good. sometimes we sit around the table and will say "everyone give me a different word for good". it's fun to see the words they know and the words they know but have no idea that is what they mean. other applicable ideas that have been suggested is the "bucket of feelings". it's where you put all these feeling words into a bucket and every day you pull one out and talk about it.

tonight we incorporated a new game of feeling charades. we put all our feeling words into a hat and when it is your turn, draw a feeling. you must then act out the feeling with facial expressions or actions but NO WORDS! it actually went really well. the boys had fun, learned some new words and got to see what brian and i's face means when we have that "look". we only got through a few words but here are some examples: crushed, thrilled, unhappy, frustrated, absent-minded, and annoyed. if you are looking for a list of words just google "feeling words".

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