Sunday, October 31, 2010

5 years ago today...part 4

5 years ago today brian and i were living in atlanta falling more in love with each other every day. we had come to call atlanta home only 2 months before when we evacuated there for hurricane katrina. little did we know that we would not be going back to our homes in new orleans. it was devastating and totally God's plan at the same time. we leaned on each other and trusted God with our future.

on this day we decided to get away from the stress of life and chaos that consumed us and took a drive through the mountains. i still can see the incredible beauty if i close my eyes. i can smell the mountain air. i can still picture riding in the car watching brian as he drove over the winding roads. we took hundreds of pictures of the colourful leaves and the majestic scene that encompassed us. we eventually ended up on the top of a mountain at an abandoned campsite. this particular spot was breath taking. and of course, as we had been doing the entire trip, brian brought out his camera and took several cheesy pictures of us. we then proceeded to dive in to a bible study together. i was so thankful to fall in love with someone who loves Christ and wants to go deeper with him along with me. after the conclusion of our study brian was telling me how amazing as i was :) then the next thing i know he says "audra, would you be my wife?" and pulls out a ring! ahhhh! i still don't remember exactly what i said "yes", "of course" or just "uh huh". either way i was officially marrying this man. it was as magical and perfect as i ever imagined it to be. i had know idea and all hopes at the same time. i knew without a shadow of doubt that this was the man i would spend my forever with.

brian, you changed my world the day you walked into it. you changed it again the day you asked to not to just walk into my world but create a world with me. our life has been chaotic and adventurous from the beginning. we've been at the bottom and we've been here, there, and everywhere together. thank you for shouting your love from the mountaintops. thank you for the past 5 years that get more amazing every day. i love you. always and forever.

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Kat said...

Was that really that long ago?? Oh my gosh, time flies. Well here's hoping you will find some rest this week and perhaps a few moments alone with Brian.