Tuesday, September 14, 2010

homework update

wanted to update everyone on our homework situation. last week i had a meeting with all the teachers, school psychologist, and school guidance counselor. i explained to them our situation and got their feedback on how the boys were doing in class. we all agreed that the boys struggled so much with self-confidence and fear of failure. it was encouraging to me to hear the teachers talk about how wonderful all the boys were in class and a joy to be around. but they also shared their concerns. i was thankful to know we were all on the same page.

i think the meeting was great for me just to know what i can do as a parent. not having kids in school before and all of sudden being thrown into middle school has been tough on everyone. but i learned that for the most part homework isn't graded. i was encouraged to not let the boys get frustrated over homework and just write a note for them. well as much as i was relieved to hear this it also made me a little mad. if my kid is not getting graded on homework and it doesn't really mean anything WHY WOULD YOU GIVE IT? just seems like a waste of time for everyone involved.

ever since the meeting homework has been fine. i stop them before they get frustrated and don't worry so much about it getting finished or even if it is correct. i still will spend time with them and encourage them in their work. since they don't have time to get frustrated they are actually more confident. now we just have everything to worry about.

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