Thursday, September 9, 2010

day 172 - people at the grocery store

grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do. it is normally a huge stress reliever but when taking little K with me i want to pull my hair out. the past few weeks he has been with me on all my shopping endeavors and i notice more and more all the people that come talk to him. and let me say he isn't a pleasant person to take to the store with you. he yells ugly words at the top of his lungs, hits, and pulls everything off the shelf. for some reason some of the people who work at kroger and publix always like to come up and talk to k to "help" me. i'm totally grateful for the help but here are my 3 most recent experiences:

kroger: k was yelling so a lady comes up to him and says "santa clause is just around the corner. you better be good so he can bring you everything you want!" what? are you kidding me? please don't say that stuff to my kid. you don't know me.

15 min later at publix: k was once again pulling things off the shelf and this lady walks up to him and starts tickling him and telling him he should be nice to mommy. well k smacks her hand. i finally saw her and said "he doesn't like people in his personal space. please step away from him." but she continued. of course he smacked her hand again. again, are you kidding me. please have respect!

today at publix: same lady from before came over to "check" on little k and started tickling him. i said "please don't touch my son. he isn't happy today and he is hitting alot." she still didn't care and started talking and tickling him. k smacked her hand. so she goes into this big lecture with k about how hitting is mean and wrong. lady, get a clue! leave my son alone. i appreciate your help but you aren't listening to me! DON'T TOUCH MY KID!!!!

anyone else have any crazy stories of people feeling like they can just treat their kid as their own? ridiculous. this is blowing my mind. i have more experiences that are hilarious but these were my most recent and crazy.


Mama Brown said...

Yes, I've had strangers reach out and touch my kids. Most of the time, I have found the only way to keep this from happening is to step in front of the person, in between my baby and the stranger and look them directly in the eye, so they understand I mean business. Most people will shy away from making direct eye contact, but your body language has to match your words. Otherwise, they will continue to "help" you. I haven't had to go that far but a hand full of times, but alas, there is that granny figure that feels she can "help" me. It will take you to a few times to figure out what works for you. I am very familiar with pushing my buggy down the "center" of the aisle to keep everything in my littlest ones arm reach from ending up in the floor. We all have those uncomfortable shopping experiences. I have had one experience where my son innocently called an overweight individual a "hippo" and I've had an experience of him saying, "I have a big pee-pee!" when he really meant he needed to go "pee-pee" bad. Just take a deep breath!

Heather Franklin said...

My son, who is now 3, had terrible eczema on his face pretty much all of his first year, so that his cheeks were basically two big open wounds. It was a painful and miserable situation and I dreaded leaving the house. Once a lady in a grocery store came up and said, "What's wrong with his face?! Are you putting medicine on it?" I left nearly in tears.
People can really be thoughtless at times.