Monday, September 20, 2010

day 188 - emergencies

i've never been someone who goes to the doctor for every little cold or scratch. in fact i spent most of my life avoiding doctors at all cost. still to this day i hate needles and need someone's hand to hold and a treat for doing so well. having kids has made my avoidance of the doctor impossible. i feel like someone has to go to the doctor every week for something. and believe me it has to be pretty bad for me to take them to the doctor. nonetheless we have had many trips to the doctor. but one thing i hate even more than the doctor is the HOSPITAL!

a little over a month ago our oldest complained of his hip hurting. of course we (doctor included) thought it was growing pains. well about a week later we found out he needed emergency hip surgery to have a screw placed in his hip because he had a slipped growth plate or something. it all happened so fast i still can't really tell you what happened. but props to Vanderbilt Children's Clinic. there is a reason they are the best. they showed it. brian, myself and Is spent a lovely tuesday up at Vanderbilt. my kid did so awesome even with his fear of needles (like his mom). again, it happened so fast that i didn't really have time to think about my kid having surgery.

this past weekend was another scary moment. little k had been sick for a few days with a fever and just the blahs. however on friday afternoon he started holding his neck really stiff and became extremely irritable. we decided we would watch him and see what happens. we didn't want to freak out or anything :) on saturday we had already made plans to head to my parent's house for the day. we loaded everyone up and made the trip. we were only there about 45min when k just was in obvious pain but couldn't express where. it was really scary. and when k is in pain everyone feels his pain. he throws things, hits, bites, scratches, wants to be held but will claw your eyes out when you do kind of kid. we were all miserable. so brian and i loaded k up and took him to the Vanderbilt Children's ER. we were taken right to the back. after several doctors, nurses, interns, and several others we discovered he had a crick in his neck along with strep throat. no wonder my poor baby was in pain. they loaded him up on tylenol, motrin and penicillin and we finally made it home.

i could brag about Vanderbilt all day long but as much as i like them i hope to not have to see them again. at least for a really long time. i can't handle these medical emergencies. they are too much for me.

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