Thursday, August 12, 2010

back in the swing of things

now that school has started i feel like i can get back to the blogger world. i apologize that i have been absent so much over the summer. the summer ended up being more that we ever thought it could be. i've learned over the past few months that a summer with 4 kids is a lot different than a summer sitting at a desk in a freezing office. needless to say my boys really wore me out this summer. and boy was it HOT! we were averaging over 100 degrees for the past month or so. our summer was not without trials and chaos. in fact that was most of our summer with a few moments of sweet memories. i'm thankful for a little separation from the boys and i'm excited for some time with little K again.

some of the first few things on my list to attack now that i have a little of my time back and my day is not so chaotic:
  1. potty train little K
  2. put the finishing touches on my master bedroom makeover
  3. make lots of homemade bread
  4. reorganize my freezer for all the wonderful things i can't wait to stock it with
  5. catch up on all the blog posts that have been sitting in my head for weeks now

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