Wednesday, July 14, 2010

day 120 - victories

over the past 2 weeks i have started several posts but end up deleting them because i couldn't think of anything positive to say. so i just decided to say nothing. but i know God has called us to community and i wouldn't be where i am right now without it. these past few weeks have been extremely rough. we have been at war with the enemy in every real sense of the word. yes, we have 4 kids in our house. but we are learning that we have 4 kids and then we have 4 traumatized kids on top of that. each one is so different and has to be handled in such a unique way. there is no formula, book, or plan on how to make any of this work. even the best therapists don't always have the answers. but i am more grateful right now that ever before that we can call on our Father who is MIGHTY TO SAVE! God's hands have been at work. at times it can seem like he isn't answering the prayer i am praying but he is answering it in a different way that is even more powerful that i could have ever imagined. i know many of you have been praying for my family these past few weeks. many of you have even shared with me that God has laid our family on your hearts. that is no accident. the past few days i have felt like Moses when he could no longer keep his arms up to win the battle and his friends had to stand on both sides of him to keep his arms up so the battle would be won. this is what community is about! don't miss it! it's as important as the air we breathe. God works through community.

God's timing is incredible. i still stand in awe at how God continues to build are community for such a time as this. i love that in those really hard battles i can send a text message to dozens of friends and know people are praying us through the battles. this past week one of my sweet friends sent me a message and told me to listen to a song called "invade" by watermark. let's just say i downloaded the song immediately and it has been on repeat in my house for the past 3 days! i tried to find it on youtube but couldn't so i'm just going to share with you the lyrics. pray this over your own house and please pray it over mine. God claimed the victory in my house today! and i know he will claim it again tomorrow!

Come, come in
Invade all You see of us
Any man, who'd walk Your road is welcomed here
And You're the only one

Jesus, come and walk the halls of this house
Tread this place and turn it inside out
With Your mercy...
Jesus, teach us the prayers that open these doors
Until Your light floods in and illuminates these floors
And let Your truth be on our steps and in these rooms
Jesus invade...

Reach, reach in
With the hand that heals all our suffering
Conquer all that is not of You
Bring Your spirit through
As we fill these walls with Your praise

I call for angels
I call for mercy
I call for freedom
In the name of Jesus
In the name of Jesus

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