Thursday, July 15, 2010

5 years ago today...part 2

5 years ago today i spent the day entire day making about 500 name tags and laminating them. and too much surprise brian sat in the room and helped me the whole time. it was my first time to have some real conversation with him. i felt like a school girl asking the popular senior all these crazy questions. i felt so important that he took the time to help me and listen to my rambling thoughts. at the time i had no idea that God was beginning to awaken my heart for brian. at the end of the day i knew i just had met the most amazing person in my entire life. he answered the thousand questions i asked. trusted me with his answers. he was genuinely interested in who i was as a person and the road God was leading me on. we shared our hearts for kids and a desire to serve God no matter where that led. he moved me in a way that i never knew was possible. brian gave me a desire to grow closer to God. i can't even describe it. again, i know now it was God drawing our hearts together but at the time i was just excited for the amazing friend i had just made.

after the day was over i ran to one of my friends and couldn't stop smiling and sharing about my incredible day with my new crush. yes, i felt like the little sister who had the biggest crush on her older brother's best friend. the one that would always be out of reach. i knew brian probably only saw me as this young kid but i just thought he had hung the moon.

i'm so thankful that 5 years later we continue to share our hopes and dreams. brian continues to move me every day. he continues to challenge me to go deeper with Christ. we continue to follow wherever God leads. i am thankful that God opened my heart and drew me to the man who hung my moon. here is a song that has really been "our" song lately:

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