Sunday, June 27, 2010

day 103 - the concert

tonight 2 of my boys experienced their first concert. it was incredible. the venue wasn't too big so there wasn't a bad seat in the house but it was packed to the max. we arrived early in hopes of getting a good seat. they got to stand in line out in the hot sun. fight the crowd for a seat. and even wait in great anticipation for what lied behind the curtain.

finally...the drums began. I got so excited he could barely contain himself. he was mad that the music started but the curtain was still closed and he couldn't watch the drummer bang on that drum set (he is an aspiring drummer himself). E was just waiting to hear his favorite song.

the band was a worship band but the experience was totally God. the music took me to a place that rocked my soul and i felt like i was standing in a room dancing with my Savior. it was like coldplay doing a worship album. and the rad girl in the band played a keytar which put a smile on my face.

it melted to my heart to see my boys rock their heads with the beat and sing a long to the songs they knew. they witnessed the Holy Spirit moving. it was totally awesome. what a moment to hold in my heart. can't wait to do it again with them.

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