Thursday, June 24, 2010

day 100 - our favorite things

here is our top 100 things we love doing as a family:
1. serving our community as a family
2. going to church and worshiping as a family
3. swimming at the pool
4. playing the wii together
5. snuggling up to watch a great movie
6. great conversations around the dinner table
7. hearing all the little noises around the house bright and early in the morning
8. dance parties to some tobymac
9. eating great food together
10. discovering the zoo together
11. having help when it comes to folding the clothes
12. making new friends
13. playing with friends
14. help with clipping coupons
15. teaching each other how to swim (the boys)
16. jamming out to music in the car
17. mowing the lawn
18. cooking dinner
19. playing outside
20. finger painting
21. coming up with new art projects
22. going new places
23. making pb&j's with more pb that bread
24. eating granola bars like they are going out of style
25. drinking chocolate milk
26. skyping with family across the globe
27. spending time reading as a family
28. family devotions
29. answering questions the boys have about God and the Bible
30. playing mario brothers and getting smashed by my kids
31. visit family
32. going to krispy kreme
33. playing games on the ipod
34. folding loads and loads of laundry :)
35. playing board games
36. earning marbles for good behavior
37. spending our money on special things
38. teaching my kids to be good stewards of their money
39. eat reese's and vanilla ice cream
40. making homemade smoothies and milkshakes
41. eating at chick-fil-a and moes!
42. playing wii resort especially the jet skiing
43. taking pictures of all these smiling faces
44. watching "so you think you can dance"
45. making comments about all the great dancers on SYTYCD
46. attempting to dance as good as the dancers on SYTYCD
47. being robots
48. reading our Bibles together
49. bedtime routines
50. family nights playing wii or board games
51. celebrating birthdays as a family
52. talking with grandparents on the phone
53. being the first one to answer the phone when dad calls
54. playing monopoly
55. spending the night with grandparents
56. helping each other
57. cleaning the house as a team
58. watching our favorite movie "meet the robinsons"
59. having conversations about how great our new family is
60. walking jackson
61. giving jackson a bath
62. deciding who stinks the worst: jackson or the boys
63. trying to make the house not smell like BOYS
64. watching the boys play sports
65. being the loudest and biggest cheering section at the football games
66. speaking truth over our family
67. claiming the promises God has for us
68. sharing God with my kids
69. having them turn their hearts to God
70. knowing 2 of my kids are fighting for God's side now!
71. learning how to fight Satan in a new and real way
72. the reality of the spiritual battles for our kid's souls
73. seeing God receive the victory over every battle
74. cooking for a large family
75. going shopping at walmart
76. making a big breakfast
77. watching the "swagger wagon" youtube video
78. going to happy hour at sonic
79. driving around look at possible and dream houses
80. going to the recycle bin and emptying everything in 1 min
81. trying to locate all our "G" rated movies
82. paying way too much to do anything
83. singing to "disney sing it" on the wii
84. singing every word to every song of taylor swift
85. listening to the boys sing all the songs to high school musical
86. bear hugs at least 100 times a day
87. hearing "secret mama?" then getting a big "I LOVE YOU"
88. watching the world cup
89. teaching the boys to play piano
90. hearing "mama's here" when i come out to breakfast
91. teaching new songs
92. hearing "will you sing to us" every night
93. finding new and fun things to do
94. discovering the world through new eyes
95. knowing this is the rest of our lives
96. watching the boys play with each other
97. hearing the boys ask "can we pray for..."
98. enjoying just sitting next to each other
99. holding hands why we pray
100. hearing "I LOVE YOU" being yelled down the hall


coffee girl said...

i didnt know about no 70! yay!!!!

mrsrachel said...

Aww, I loved this list! So wonderful to read about God knitting together a new family! Your boys sound so sweet.