Sunday, May 2, 2010

day 47 - the great flood of 2010

rain rain go away.
come again another day.
the fabulous 4 want to play.
rain rain go away!

this weekend we have seen nothing but the inside of our 4 walls. our 1200 sq ft house become smaller and smaller by the second during the past 48 hours. and it looks like tomorrow will be the same. there is nothing like having 4 boys, no milk, no bread, and lots of rain to make everyone go stir crazy. we've watched more tv in the past 36 hours then we have in the past 6 months. don't get me wrong. i love the rain but this...this is too much.

so to pass the time we worked on an art project for the boys to take to their teachers for "teacher appreciation week" next week. since we probably will not be able to get out to buy flowers we decided to make them. all it took was some magazines, scissors, glue, and a little time. it was fun and allowed everyone to be creative.


Stephanie said...

I love these flowers! Your boys are so creative!

coffee girl said...

those are some sweet photos. i about cried just seeing their little hands holding their teacher gifts...since its the first glimpse i've had of the boys.
did ya'll manage to stay dry in the flood? i hope so! love you :)