Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 44 - a little bit of everything week

***UPDATE*** the diaper rash is done for now. thanks for all the calls, emails, texts, and messages on how to cure it. vaseline and baby powder seemed to work wonderfully. also, little k has had lots of naked noony time. he loves it.

this week has been the busiest week yet. someone has had an appointment somewhere every single day. i don't know if i'm coming, going, who's going with me, what do i need to take, or should i be bringing something back. so this post is going to be a bit of the same randomness.

on top of all the going here and there i have a 5th grader who has had about 4-5 hours worth of homework at least 2 nights. ridiculous. how is the world is anyone supposed to get all that done? i mean i'm all about supporting the teachers and being on the same team but you shouldn't have mounds of homework in every single subject every night. that's a little over kill to me. because he has mounds of homework he asks for help with all of it and gets frustrated when we won't actually "do" his work for him. we are available for questions and that is it. they are expected to try it on their own first.

today i took my toddler to the doctor to get updated on his shots. poor kid had to get to in his left arm. and for a kid who is as tough as nails and never cries it broke my heart to have him screaming in my arms. can't even begin to imagine what that would be like with a newborn.

the boys have done good this week for the most part. i'm finding that this week i've been more frustrated with myself. i've had a lot of those moments when i just scream "i have NO IDEA what to do right now!" i have a toddler who has a really bad diaper rash and his butt paste isn't working. my 5th grader has homework that even i don't understand. all of my boys are complaining they aren't getting enough to eat even though i feel like i am cooking for an army. one of our boys is craving some individual attention and i can't seem to find any time. actually, they are all craving that individual attention but we are still trying to figure how to do that with 4.

on a happier note. we started the "your baby can read" yesterday (thanks mother-in-law) and our toddler is LOVING it. he loves reading the words and stays fully engaged. i'm so excited to see him improving on his speech so much in the few weeks we have had them. and of course he says the cutest things. with his diaper rash he says, with his pouty lips and big sad eyes "booty hurts" in the ever so cute way a toddler say. the other day he wanted to brush my hair (and he did a really great job). he would brush a section then come around and say "more momma?" and i would agree. then he would do that same routine over and over. so i changed my answer to "a little bit". then he would come around say "bit momma?" while of pushing his thumb and pointer finger together. such a sweetie!

well thanks for listening to my randomness. i'm still adjusting to the schedule of a mother. my big prayer request is that brian and i would just find the balance to do give the boys what they need and do what needs to be done. also, please pray that God would give us all grace with each other as we figure out how to be a family.


Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

On the diaper rash thing... My MIL suggested petroleum jelly with corn starch patted on top of it to cure diaper rash (when Isaac first got one) . It sounded crazy to me, but it works! I have given up on diaper creams with Isaac. He doesn't get rashes very often, but when he does, this clears it up quick. Might be worth a try. And it's cheap (but messy)!

Mama Brown said...

My toddlers don't usually have diaper rash, but last fall, my oldest got really sick and the diaper rash was the worst rash I had ever seen. Enough for me to call the doctor. This is what they told me and it cleared it up in about 3 days.

First, don't use commercial wipees. That will actually make the rash WORSE if you can imagine. Use a good ole' fashion wash cloth with warm water and dove or ivory liquid soap to clean a #2 bottom. Secondly, you'll need to buy a small tube of lotrimin found in the RX OTC section. I bought the store brand, just make sure it is NOT the extra strength version. You'll also want to buy the green natural Boudreaux Butt Paste.

Bathe him in the dove or ivory liquid soap while he has an active rash. When he has a #2, wash him with warm cloth and liquid soap. Allow him to air dry for about a minute or so. Then apply a thin layer of lotrimin and a THICK layer of butt paste. You want it thick enough that when he has a #1 diaper, it will not penetrate the paste. It is safe to use on his entire diapering area.

I hope that helps. I know how hopeless it can feel not being able to heal and comfort on the spot.