Monday, April 26, 2010

day 38/39 - camping in the front yard

the boys have never slept in a tent before. so when brian had this awesome opportunity to try out a brand new 8-man tent from work we jump for it. we knew it would be a rainy weekend but we still went for it.

as soon as brian got home from work friday night the boys were eager to help him set up the tent. they thought it was the coolest thing ever. the tent was HUGE! the biggest one we own is a 3 man tent and i was excited to be able to sit up in that one. this one brian could stand in and still have room. so the boys helped unroll the tent, put the stakes in the ground, and even put the rain fly over it. they were so proud. i got some sweet pictures but we are having a little trouble transferring our pics over. even our littlest one wanted to be in the mix helping daddy.

after dinner we settled in for a movie to make sure the boys were good and tired before we hit the tent. around 10pm we all made our way (yes, all 6 of us) through the drizzle into the tent. brian was even able to rent a few sleeping bags for the boys to sleep in (brian and i slept on the blow up mattress). now i love camping. brian and i went camping for a week a few years ago and it was wonderful. the one thing i don't like is that i usually freeze. and of course it happened again. i couldn't get warm. and it doesn't help having a toddler sticking his knees in your back all night.

at first the boys weren't thrilled to sleep in the tent while it was raining but the rain soon became the lullaby that sang them to sleep. that is until about 3am when it started lighting really bad and we all had to come inside. oh well, i enjoyed a good nights rest. brian and the boys slept in the tent again saturday and got through the entire night without any trouble. the boys can't wait to go camping for really in the mountains and we can't wait to take them. just don't tell them their are bears!

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