Thursday, April 15, 2010

day 30 - boys will be boys

when we first started our adoption process i knew i wanted a boy. i'm not sure if i thought boys would be easier or what. my first thought was that i knew when we had biological kids they would most likely all be girls. so hence the reason for going for a male. but when i was saying yes to having a boys i had no idea that God would bring into our house 4 of them!!!

so hear i am surrounded by males. even our dog is a male. they are everything i expected: sweaty, stinky, messy, loud, grunting, burping, farting, wrestling, singing, dancing, eat you out of house and home fools! they play outside till it is pitch black. make up their own rules and don't care about how the game is really played. hate to loose. have a love/hate relationship with each other. don't like to be told what to do. showers are the last thing on their minds. could care less if their clothes were folded. like to have burping contests. and five minutes after dinner is over i hear "i'm hungry!"

but then there are a few things i didn't expect: tender hearted, soft spoken, gentle, helpful, affectionate, note writing men. they are concerned if they see my eyes full of tears, come to my rescue when i scream because i found a dead cockroach in the corner, climb the cabinets to reach the pan on the top shelf, write a note just to say "have a great day", and can't go to bed without a hug goodnight. even my littlest one, little K, wants to pray before i leave his room. he sticks his hand up and says "pray".

they have rocked my world and i'm grateful that God has given me the task of being their mother. i love being the only female in the house. my prayer is that God would use me to show them what a godly women and mother truly is. i make mistakes (on a daily basis) and i'm far from perfect. "Lord, let anything i do or say fall to the ground and may your truth be heard and seen!"

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