Thursday, March 4, 2010

a night to remember

last week i got a call that my grandfather was in the hospital and wasn't doing well. and of course me being the eldest child and my parents half way around the world i felt like i need to go check on my grandfather. brian and i loaded up the car and headed to see him. i was really not looking forward to seeing my grandfather lying there in a hospital bed. i expected him to look so sick and not even recognize who i was. but as soon as i walked in the room he was all smiles. he reached out for my hand and said he was so excited to see me. he looked great for an 86 year old man. my grandmother, aunt, brother, his fiance and brian all sat around the room for a few ours talking, telling stories and my favorite thing LAUGHING! you see my grandfather is a really funny man. he always had some funny story to tell or a joke he heard. he had these phrases that still make me laugh when i think about them. even laying in the hospital he was cracking us up with all the things he said. and then when he and my grandmother get going together there is no stopping. you are for sure going to get a side cramp from laughing so hard. i mean laughing out loud! i love it. i will forever have those few hours painted in my mind. it was a night to remember.

my grandfather is a very funny man. but when i think of my grandfather i remember him being the most encouraging man. he never says an unkind word or tries to put anyone down. he does not see himself as better than anyone. he always tells me he loves me. he always tells me how proud he is of me and who i am becoming. he is our biggest fan on our adoption journey. that tuesday night we went to see him in the hospital we were able to show him a picture of our soon-to-be boys and his soon-to-be great grandchildren. he just looked at them and said "ooooooh man!" and gave us a big thumbs up and a huge smile. he couldn't have been more happier.

earlier this week my grandfather went on to be with the Lord. i know right now he is sitting on a boat on some river having an amazing talk with the Lord. my grandfather is strong, healthy, and enjoying being in the presence of our Savior. i'm sad my boys will miss out on getting to spend time and know my grandfather. he would have taken them fishing. taught them how to throw washers. and all those other things grandfathers teach. but my boys will know who my grandfather was. he is missed. he is loved. but he has been given new life and a new body and i rejoice knowing that i will see him again someday soon. he is a man to remember!


Carrie said...


We are so sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great man!


Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

I know how special grandfathers are. I know you miss him. I'm so glad you had that special time with him!