Monday, March 1, 2010

another weekend come and gone

we had another weekend with the fantastic 4 and we had a blast! we hated to see them go but so excited they will be back soon. we just had a really low key weekend, nothing special. we wanted to see what a "typical" weekend might look for us in the future. that even meant that i had the kids all by myself on saturday while brian was in class. i took the kids to the park, ate lunch, had some rest time and played a few games. these kids are board game playing fanatics. friday night we stayed up and played a 2.5 hour game of life. it was crazy but we had so much fun. i can't wait to implement a game night every week in our house. the kids also played a lot of uno and chess. for the most part they play nice with each other until they start to gang up on each other then the fun is over with. but they did so well that i was even able to take a nap on saturday!!! woohoo!

the only not fun part about the weekend is the littlest one got sick on sunday and just wanted to cling to brian all day. it was so sweet but he that child looked so miserable. i think it is just a cold but nonetheless it was uncomfortable for him.

but now we are one weekend closer to bringing these fantastic 4 home for good. i'm still getting things ready. some amazing friends are throwing me a shower this weekend to welcome in the new additions to our family. so after that i will really get moving on getting everything set up for the big move. the kids even picked their colours this weekend so i can start getting those essentials in their colours. i'm excited for that fun project! i'm also working on framing some great bible versus to hang around our house for the boys to read every day. i think it will be good for them to have that truth around them at all times. so....until the next weekend visit!

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coffee girl said...

i'm glad to hear that the weekend went so well!