Wednesday, January 20, 2010

keeping busy

this week just doesn't seem to be going by fast enough. i'm trying to fill all my time with something to do so i'm sitting and just waiting. i'm sure you've noticed that we are in the process of changing our design on our blog. i'm hoping it will be up by next week. it's crazy at the thought that this time next week we will know if our life will drastically change or no. we are anxious, excited, overwhelmed and completely freaked out. but we are completely trusting God to provide us with the discernment to make the right decision. we are believing that this is the road God has for us so if it is not we are praying for a divine NO! right now we are coming up with every question we can think of to ask at our meeting on monday. if you think of a great question we would love to know.

many of you have asked if this is to foster children or to adopt them. well in our state you have to foster for a certain amount of time before you can file for adoption. but we would foster with the intent on adopting these kids. when i look back on where we were when we started this entire adoption process it blows my mind where God has taken us and how we got here. we have been overwhelmed at the response of people praying for us and willing to support us as we turn our lives upside down. we could never tell each of you enough how thankful we are for you and how we would not be doing this without you.

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