Monday, January 18, 2010

divine delays

many of you have been anxiously and patiently waiting for news of what happened on thursday. we so greatly appreciate your prayers and patience.

on saturday i was talking with a sweet friend about our adoption process. we were talking about all that has happened in the past year and half that we have been on this journey. when we started this journey we expected it to be a much quicker process. her words to be were "divine delays". that's exactly what the past 1 1/2 years has been.

i'm so happy to tell you that after all the divine delays we have been MATCHED with a sibling group in our own state. next monday, jan 25, at 11am we will travel out of town to have a meeting with the kid's social workers to learn everything about the kids. after the meeting brian and i will take some time to pray and make sure this is what God wants for our family. just because we have been matched with them doesn't mean they are automatically ours. we still have to choose them.

this week is going to be a really long week as we wait for next monday to come. we are beyond excited and very freaked out at how quickly and drastically our life could change. we are so thankful for all the divine delays it has taken to get us here. it is so much bigger than we ever anticipated. we are now asking for divine clarity and peace as we make the decision to invite these children into our home.


jenny said...

Woot!!!! Praise the Lord :) We'll keep praying- you keep us updated!

Amber said...

how exciting! hope the time passes by quickly

Kat said...

Yay!!! I think we should meet up again soon, it was great seeing your beautiful face and catching up with you!

Joslin3 said...

Awesome! I had been thinking about you and your children a lot. I'm praying for clarity and that these days go by quickly.

Eryn said...

So excited for you guys!