Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Charlie Brown ICE

this past weekend brian's parents were in town and they took us to see the ICE sculptures at opry mills. the theme this year was charlie brown. we went saturday night and let me just start off saying that we sat in traffic for about an hour and a half from the exit ramp till we finally got in a parking spot (the first one we saw). i suggest if you want to go make sure to go on a weekday at some random time :)

after what seemed like forever sitting in traffic we waited about 30 min in line for ICE. it really started raining as soon as we got under the tarp. that really stunk for the people behind us. well if you've ever been to ice before you know that is is SUPER cold. so they give you these giant parkas to where inside on top of your coat. it was pretty hilarious seeing these little kids with these parkas on. they looked liked giant blue marshmallows. once we got inside it was about 5 degrees. FREEZING! but we had an awesome time. the sculptures were magnificent. it's crazy what they can do with a block of ice. they even had slides made out of ice. of course brian and i had to go down :)

it was awesome to see all the charlie brown characters sculpted in ice with the different colours. here are a few of our pictures to share. enjoy...

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