Saturday, December 12, 2009

Parents As Tender Healers Part 5

we were really excited to go to our class this morning. we had a panel of different workers within the department of children services. for a saturday morning we had several people on the panel. we spent about 2 hours listening as everyone described what they did and how their job worked within the system. it was really interesting all the people it takes to take care of one child. and while they were all talking you could hear how desperate they were for good resource parents.

brian and i had come with a list of questions we were anxious to ask. some questions were particularly related to our case and some were very generic but we felt were important. well after the 2 hours of listening to the panel and a few of us asking very general questions we took a break to get some breakfast. well as soon as everyone was done eating the panel said they were leaving. what? what about all our questions? we were a little upset that no one got to ask any of the questions we had all written down over the last week. it was a little frustrating to hear these people talk about how much they needed great resource parents however a few of the panel gave off the impression that this class was a waste of their time. ok, here is a room full of families anxious to be resources parents, who have given up there past 2 months of saturdays, and don't have to be here, and now you either make it impossible to become a resource parent or make it so unimportant in spite of how desperate you are for them. doesn't make any sense.

before we left we were able to pull one of the workers aside and ask a few of our specific questions related to our case. we were so happy that we got some positive feedback. which brings me to a huge HUGE prayer request. i'm sure you saw my blog earlier about having a few unfortunate events happen this week. well i (audra) was let go from my job last monday. we know God is in complete control and his timing is perfect. we have no idea how this will affect any of our adoption stuff. it could very well put everything on hold until i find another job. please pray for God's guidance and favor. pray that he will open the right doors. pray that he will open up something that i could do from home so i'm not having to switch jobs when the kids come. we're so anxious to move forward in this foster/adoption process and after today we know what our next step needs to be. we just need to be in a position where the state will approve us to take care of these kids. thank y'all for lifting us up during this time of unknown.

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