Sunday, December 20, 2009

parents as tender healers 6

this is the final entry for the "parents as tender healers". our class is finally complete and we have the certificate to prove it. saturday's class wasn't very exciting. we had the "resource parent's bill of rights" read to us. it just states that we have the right to know what is going on and have a fair say in situations we are involved in.

i really enjoyed the class and we met some pretty awesome people. i can't wait to hear where all their stories lead. we really connected with one couple who has 4 biological kids and and just became foster parents to a 17 year old girl. pretty awesome story that God is writing with their family. although, i'm sad not to see some of the people every saturday i am excited to continue on in this process. but of course everyone knows that for the next 2 weeks pretty much everything is shut down. we are waiting to hear back from several people in regards to our next step. just more road blocks and red tape. i'm in this place right now where everything in me believes that God will bring an end to this entire process and there will be children in our home. my prayer is that it would just happen in the coming months.

i hope you are not getting bored with our story. we so appreciate your patience to walk with us. we say it all the time that we couldn't walk any of this road with people interceding on our behalf. we are forever grateful.

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