Tuesday, September 22, 2009

our baby's birthmother

today my heart as been very full thinking of our child's birth mother. i know how anxious i am for our baby to come but i'm sure she is just as anxious for the situation to take it's precious time. see from her perspective she is choosing an adoption plan for her child. meaning she will make a decision not to parent. i can't even imagine. how do you make that decision. then how do you decide who is good enough to raise your child. do you want someone like you? someone not like you at all? someone young? someone old? so many factors.

and she isn't taking the easy road. no, i'm sure it would have been easier not to choose life for this child that was unplanned. but she CHOSE LIFE!!!!! how awesome is that. God spoke to her that he had a plan for this child and she obeyed. she chose life for her precious unknown child. she has no idea what he will turn out to be or what family he will become a part of but she has the hope that it is better. better than any other decision she could have made. that takes courage.

who knows what this woman is going through right now. is she just a girl? is she doing this on her own? is she surrounded by a loving family? is she staying healthy? is she completely lost? is she taking care of my baby that's inside her? well just like God spoke to her to choose life for her baby and that he had a plan he is telling me that he has chose life for my baby and he has a plan. i have no idea where my child is or what his conditions are but i trust God who spoke life into him to not stop until it is complete.

so my heart is breaking for this mom who will forever be bound to my heart. i pray that God will allow us a relationship with each other. i pray that my child will know his birth mother. that he will know how brave she was and the hope and faith that she had for her child. i pray that no matter what the circumstances are surrounding us that God will receive all the glory forever and ever.

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Heather Childs said...

Praying for you baby's birthmother... that she will have peace in her decision, a peace passing all understanding. Praying for you guys, that God would continue to strengthen you as you wait.

I praise God for your obedience. Your little man is worth it!