Saturday, September 19, 2009

all about jackson

sorry i've haven't posted. as you saw i was sick earlier this week and then all of a sudden the week was over.

so on to this post titled "all about jackson". jackson is our almost 3 year old, black lab mix. We adopted him when he was about 6 months old. i remember going with my sister to the Happy Tales Humane at the factory in franklin (the best place EVER to adopt a pet). as soon as we walked in i saw jackson and his puppy dog eyes pierced straight to my heart and i knew he was ours.

the first few weeks he was really scared of any male he came in counter with including brian. so he spent a majority of his time at my feet or behind my legs. he was so cute. he hardly ever barked. wasn't super hyper. already house and crate trained. and he loved us. it was a match made in heaven. he really is the most awesome dog ever.

if you have seen the movie own a pet or have seen "marley and me" then you know the kind of impact a pet can have. i don't know what we would do without jackson. he sleeps at the foot of our bed curled in a small ball that i have no idea how he fits. he isn't a big dog, just topped out at about 50 pounds but he could do some damage if he needed to. he is very protective of me. he wouldn't hurt anyone unless i asked him to.

he loves to run. he could run all day if we would let him. he also enjoys chasing butterflies and any other flying insect. he likes to catch them in his mouth then let spit them out and try and get them to fly again. he also loves cheese and peanut butter. he loves a good clean blanket to lay on but absolutely HATES it when you fold laundry. he will run to the farthest corner in the house while you are folding laundry. he's a wimp and we know it but we love him anyways.

he fits so perfectly in our little family. he will always be our first baby. and yes, i am pretty sure he knows that life could change for him in an instant too. he does everything he can to get our attention right now. he would go and lay in the baby's room all day if we didn't have a gate up to keep him out. i think he thinks the baby stuff smells good. he will be so great and gentle with the baby. i have no doubt they will be best buds.

so now i would like to share a picture with you and you tell me if you couldn't love this face

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Cecilia said...

what a precious puppy...i miss having a dog...hope some day to have another one.