Thursday, September 24, 2009

prayer request

as some of you may know my parents have been missionaries since i was 10. they now work for a world relief organization based in singapore (half way around the world). they are in the United States about 2-3 times a year. since i was 11 i went to boarding school and since then my parents have sacrificed many things to serve God. they have missed many different times in my life which i know God will redeem one day. needless to say it hasn't always been easy or fun.

our child will be the first grandchild on both sides of our families. my parents flew in today from singapore to work in their nashville office for the next 3 weeks which means they will be close. it would be so sweet if something would happen with our adoption process while they were close by for the next 3 weeks. i'm not exactly sure what i would like to happen (i mean of course i would like to get word that our baby is here...but i would just like something to happen). please pray and believe with us that SOMETHING would happen to move us forward while my parents are here. it would also be great to have my mom around to help out when the baby comes.

thank you for praying and believing with us.


Heather Childs said...

Yes and amen!!!!!

Praying and believing with you.

Do it Lord!!!

Team Martins said...

we're with heather... all four of us gathered for bedtime stuff tonight asking the Lord to make this miracle happen.

yes, yes... do it LORD!

Brian and Audra said...

thank you guys so much for standing and believing with us. we are so thankful to walk this journey with you.