Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just a little information

just in case anyone was wondering... we are still waiting. we are still standing and believing that something will happen soon. we emailed our agency last week to see if there was ANYTHING we needed or could do to speed anything up. was there something on our profile that needed to be changed? did we need to update our information? and she assured us everything was great and we just needed to keep waiting and preparing.

she also told us to keep telling people about our adoption. being "home study approved" we have the ability to adopt from outside of our agency. so if you know a birth mother, that fits with our desires, who is looking for an adoption plan we would love to talk with her. if you know an agency that is having trouble finding placement for their infants we would love to know. we have no idea how God is working to bring our child to us. we will just keep spreading the word and ask that you keep spreading it too.

thank you so much for so many of you who have walked so faithfully beside since the beginning. and thanks to all the new people who are joining our journey and encouraging us along. we are so blessed to have such a large cheering section on this journey.

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