Thursday, September 10, 2009

the bailey family day of fun

monday was a rare treat for the three of us. brian and i were off on the same day, it wasn't raining, and we had NO plans. so we took full advantage of the day. we started off with our free chick-fil-a lunch (thanks to our sports t-shirts) then headed over to edwin warner park for a picnic.

jackson very much enjoyed the waffle fries.

after our picnic we headed over to the dog park so jackson could play with some friends. there wasn't very many other dogs there. and i guess we have turned jackson into a lazy dog. he used to run and run and run. now he just sat there in the shade.

we didn't stay long. but it was a great afternoon out. riding around with the windows down just enjoying the company. however, we did find that jackson has a favorite new place to ride in the backseat.
what a wimp!

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