Friday, September 11, 2009

finally fall

it's almost the middle of september and we can officially say fall is here. all the stores already have their halloween and fall decorations out. i even saw some christmas stuff at a few of them. lots of great sales going on.

this weekend i'm hoping to clean my house a little more. i'm finding that living in a rented house makes me very unmotivated to really settle in. i mean we have pictures hung and we are more settled here than we have ever been. but it's hard for me to fix it up just like i want it. but i'm trying my best to make it somewhat homey. for me the best thing is candles. and the fall fragrance ones are my favorites. i smelled this really awesome one at the store the other day. i think it was called pumpkin spice. love it!

i was excited that i found some glad candles at target today for only $.16 with my coupons. I was so excited. so now i'm going to get off here. put on some britt nicole. light some smell good candles. and organize my living room.

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