Friday, July 24, 2009

sweet spot

tonight i went out to where our youth is having their summer camp. brian has been out there all week. brian has been involved with the jr. high at our church for the past year and a half. he's incredible with those kids. this week he has been working days but then going to camp in the evenings and staying overnight. i know he wished he could have spent the entire week out there but he was able to take today off and got to be super involved.

for those of you that don't know brian and i met at camp. we were both leaders. it was my second summer at the camp and brian's first. he was in charge of all the summer staff (that means me). so yeah, he was my boss. i fell in love with him by watching him interact with the children of one of my favorite cities, new orleans. i remember this specific time we were at a block party and he was playing soccer with this group of boys and i said out loud to my friend "God created him to do that right there." brian is totally in his sweet spot when he is investing in the lives of children.

even though tonight i was just there for the worship service it was still a blessing to see brian and the kids that God is impacting through him. i couldn't help but shed a tear as i watched these kids when the light bulb when off in their heart and they "got it". you know what i'm talking about. the moment when you realize how in love you are with God and you want to scream from the rooftops how much you love him. as i stood their worshiping, i also felt like i was in my sweet spot. it's something so special to be involved in the lives of the next generation. allowing God to use you even if it just to pray for them and intercede for them.

i wish there was a way brian and i could both be involved with kids full-time and make a living off of it. that would be sweet. God did not create brian and i to work behind a desk for long. i'm so thankful that brian is involved with our jr. high kids at he is making a difference. i help out in the nursery with the younger ones. again, if we could just do that day in and day out it would be incredible. i'm praying and believing it will happen!

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Candace said...

You've both been created for amazing things that you've yet to graze the top of...we love you!

I thought you feel in love with him when he bought you that hat/fedora thing :)