Wednesday, July 22, 2009

one year

this time last year our church started an orphan ministry. at the first meeting they showed a video of kay warren speaking at an orphan conference. i left in tears. i came home and told brian that we needed to start the adoption process NOW. i knew the Lord had spoken directly to my heart and that he was going to open doors if we were obedient. thank goodness that brian heard God speak too.

i can't imagine my life without embarking on this journey. i can't imagine missing out on watching God move not only in our lives but in everyone who has participated. however, i do wish that i could post that we were going to pick up our baby tomorrow or how wonderful our transition is going with the new addition to our family or about the long sleepless nights with a newborn. but it isn't yet time. God still must have some things to do before it's time for us and our sweet baby to start our lives together. i completely believe God has perfect timing. i'm sad that i don't have anything babyish to do while we keep waiting. everything is done. sometimes i feel like this is taking so long that i forget we are adopting. i feel so bad for saying it but it's true. you should know by now that this blog is more like my journal about everything that is going on so take it as you will. i don't know would i would do if i couldn't write out my thoughts and feelings and share them with the cyber world for the 5 people that might want to read it.

so thank you if you are one of those 5 reading!


Eryn said...

"His strength is perfect when our strength is gone. He'll carry us when we can't carry on."

Tamara said...

If you want some baby stuff to do, you can come by our house when ours is born to distract you! That's only two weeks away...