Monday, July 20, 2009

just an update

still nothing really going on. we are still waiting. this past weekend we went up to the mountains in east tennessee. it was nice to have a long weekend away. with all this waiting we needed some distraction. we spent friday at the biltmore and saturday was just a lazy day. it was a great little get away.

this week brian is working at our youth's summer camp. he is working during the day and then spending the evening and night at camp. that leaves jackson and i at the house by ourselves. so of course that means a scrapbooking week for me! i'm so far behind. if you didn't know i'm a huge scrapbook fan and it is such a way for me relieve stress. so i tonight i am cleaning the house in order to turn it into a mess the rest of the week :)

i know everyone is so anxious for this adoption process to go faster. so are we. it is really hard waiting each and every day. again. it's like being 9 months pregnant for an unknown amount of time. so we thank you so much for your prayers during this time. we also ask that you would pray for our work situations. that God would open and close the right doors.

i'll try not to go so far in between posts next time.

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