Wednesday, July 29, 2009

can't sleep

it's late and i should be sleeping but i can't. tonight i have been thinking so much about my sweet baby boy as he is waiting and growing inside his birth mommy's tummy. thinking when will i get to meet him? praying for understanding during the waiting. knowing that God has perfect timing. resting in His presence and nothing else. believing that His glory will be shown along each step. asking God what the future holds for us. praying that my baby is safe. praying that he is healthy. knowing that even now God is whispering in his little ear. i know His arms are holding him so tightly. i know that God knows my desires. but even with all the faith that i have and the knowledge that i have of who my heavenly Father is...the waiting is sometimes more than i can take. not just the waiting but desperately wanting to know your child, knowing that he is yours, but someone where so far away. i wouldn't change any of this for the world and we're ready to do it all over again. but i'm anxious. i'm trying not to be but i am. i see so many other families bringing home their precious adopted children and i pray that we will be next.

i'm continually reminded that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. i'm blessed to think that God knows how impatient i am but also knows that with His strength i can wait. wow. God is so awesome. every day i'm praying that our baby will come home soon and every day i know we are one day closer.

"good night my sweet, baby. i love you and know i will meet you soon."

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Eric and Suzie Treanor said...

I pray that your heart is continued to be filled with peace knowing He will give you everything when it is time. I actually pray this for myself right now too.