Thursday, April 23, 2009

HUGE prayer request

well this week has been full of so much excitement from finding out we were approved to all of our nursery furniture coming in. yesterday brian picked up the stroller and car seat from the store and we pulled it out this morning. i'm gonna have to start lifting weights to be able to carry that seat. it's hard enough when it is empty. can't imagine putting a 10 pound baby in there too. needless to say this week has been super exciting.

now we have a HUGE prayer request. we found out last night that our adoption agency is making some changes and they will be doing a few things differently (one's we pray are in our favor). before now when a birthmom came in the adoption agency would pick 5 profiles of waiting families that fit the birthmother's criteria. She would start with those that have been waiting the longest. Well with us being the newest waiting family that means it could still be months before our profile is even shown. well now they will start showing the birthmother all of the families that mostly fit her profile and allow God to narrow them down for her. to us this sounds like wonderful news. in my mind i think we are a shoe in and can't believe that anyone could be cooler parents than us. so we are rushing to fill out some needed paperwork for this new process to hopefully turn in tomorrow.

please pray that God will begin impressing our faces and names on the birthmother's heart that is carrying our child. we are praying that as she is digging through the piles she will see our faces and have such a sense of peace knowing we are the right parents.

also in the email we received last night we found out that the waiting time in 2008 was anywhere between 1 month and 4 years. that was a little disheartening to hear. of course we would like it to be closer to 1 month than 4 years. please PLEASE pray that God will allow this waiting time to move quickly and we can bring our baby home soon. we can't wait to share him with you!

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Jeff Frazee said...

I remember when our first was almost here. I was reading a book about a family that left their child in England to go to Africa as missionaries (1800's, so the kid wouldn't die).
God used that story to bring to the place were I understood that children are His. I was ready to give our child away if that's what He wanted. Poor Heidi.
Anyway, reading your blog brought back that memory. God bless.