Tuesday, April 28, 2009

$2400 to go....

we're almost there! God is so good and i love sitting back and watching how He is providing for this adoption and all the people he has chosen to walk with us financially. it is nothing short of a miracle and HE gets all the glory. with that said we are still needing about $2400 left before we will be able to bring a baby home.

our profile could already be shown to birthmothers. we really need to be ready soon. i mean, we could potentially have a baby next week or it could still be a year from now. but it would be nice to have all the money just sitting and waiting for the baby to come instead of us getting paired with a baby and not being able to bring him home because we didn't have the money.

thanks so much to everyone that has already contributed. we pray you will be blessed. i can't wait to share with our sweet little boy all the people that have walked along side of us during this journey. it really is so special. God is so good and i just stand in awe!

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Amy said...

So exciting! Praying for you that God would bring in every penny and not a day late.

See you guys tonight. Love you!!