Monday, April 20, 2009


about 15 minuets ago we received an email from our adoption agency. here is what the email said:

Hey Brian and Audra--

Your home study has been approved.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will be sending you an approval letter from Tammy (the director) in the mail. You are now one of our "waiting" families. We will take every opportunity to show your profile when appropriate.

You have done a lot of hard work and now the difficult part now will be the waiting. So take this time to spend together to make memories and to work on the story you will tell your child of the adoption process that will be his story.

Blessings, Carolyn

so God's timing is perfect. now we are a waiting family and could actually have a baby any day now. i'm sure it will still be several months from now but it could be whenever. we are praying now that God will lay it on our babies birthmother's heart to choose us. we know God is already picked out our child so we pray that we will continue to wait for God to choose. please pray with us. this also means that we will need to have all our monies in ASAP. that's pretty crazy. this all is what i imagine it to feel like when a pregnant couple finds out they are pregnant for the very first time. i feel so excited, completely overwhelmed with emotion, and scared to death. thanks so much for your prayers. we prayed that it would happen last week and God knew we needed to wait until monday. we love y'all.


Heather Childs said...


God is good. It's very true: your lives can change forever with 1 phone call!

Praying for you guys and praying that the birthmother will have peace about her decision thru the entire process.

Heather (and Josh)

Ps... Make no mistake about it, you ARE pregnant:)

angie said...

YAHOOOO!!! SO SO EXCITED!!! I will be praying for you guys. Love you so much!!